The Ministry of Health to create awareness in Corona For Public

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a public awareness campaign to raise public awareness to prevent coronavirus.   Monday (March 16), the Ministry of Health Services Secretary. The statement, signed by Asadul Islam, said that at present, the coronavirus is causing global terror. Altogether eight coronary patients have been identified in the country. Three of them have gone home after recovering, but three more have been identified. Therefore, it is important to raise public awareness to prevent the virus.  Noting that home quarantine is the only effective way to prevent coronavirus infection worldwide, the notice states that there is a high risk of transmitting the virus to Bangladesh through returning expatriate Bangladeshis. In this case, it is important to confirm the home quarantine of the expatriate citizens.  The committee informed that the committee has been constituted at the national, divisional, city corporation areas, municipal, district, upazila and union councils to deal with the coronavirus infection.    1. People in the home quarantine will not leave the house for fourteen days and stay in one of their designated rooms.  2. Other family members will confirm the home quarantine of the returning member in the country. 3. The committees formed will identify the homes of recently returned foreigners and will monitor the permanent status of their homes.  4. The committee constituted to ensure home quarantine, representatives of public representatives, government officials, civil society representatives (eg municipal mayor, municipal councilor, UP chairman, ward member, union land assistant officer, health assistant, community health care provider, family welfare assistant) Family welfare inspectors, village police, local journalists) from abroad Inform the community and quarantine home quarantine as needed.   5. Quarantine will not be able to come in contact with his relatives and friends. 6. If the quarantine person breaks the rules, then the responsible persons will seek the assistance of the health officer of the concerned health complex and the officer in charge of the police station.  7. If required, the persons mentioned in the order of No.1 shall notify the concerned Deputy Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, Upazila Chairman, Civil Surgeon, Upazila Executive Officer, Upazila Health and Family Welfare Officer. 8. People in the home quarantine will contact local health authorities and local civil surgeons, hospital caregivers and upazila health and family planning officers if they are ill. They will take necessary measures.  9. If the quarantine persons break the rules, action will be taken against them according to the Infectious Diseases (Prevention, Control and Elimination) Act, 20. The officials responsible for that act will take action.  10. Every day, prepare a district-based report on the issue and send the e-mail to and e-mail to the Ministry of Health Services’s department at


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